Food Packaging 101: Food Grade Plastic Containers


Whether you’re a restaurant owner, food retailer or food manufacturer, having the right container or vessel for your products is essential to protecting its flavor and freshness—not to mention the boost to consumer interest an aesthetically appealing food packaging design can provide. You know you need to source top-quality food grade plastic containers for your delicious products, but where do you start?

This Food Packaging 101 guide will cover everything you need to know about food grade plastic containers. We’ll guide you through selecting the most appropriate material, sourcing the right packaging for your needs, and provide tips on finding a custom food packaging manufacturer for products specifically designed with your unique applications in mind.

Read on to become a bonafide Food Packaging 101 graduate (in the eyes of the LINDAR team, that is!)

Food Packaging 101

This blog will dive into the basics of choosing the best possible food packaging for your needs, divided into four main sections:

Best Materials for Food Grade Plastic Containers

Sourcing Food Grade Plastic Containers

Custom Food Grade Plastic Containers

Get Started: Next Steps

Blueberry Muffins In Clear Packaging

Best Materials for Food Grade Plastic Containers

Let’s start with the basics: What’s the best material for food grade plastic containers? Which plastic is the best material for food displays that are as secure as they are pleasing to the eye?

At LINDAR, we use several types of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastics in our food packaging, including:

  • PET
  • Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) PET

PET plastics are clear, lightweight, impact-resistant and don’t degrade or corrode upon food contact, making them especially suitable for food grade plastic containers and packaging. PET is the most commonly used plastic in the world thanks to its high performance, clarity and durability. You’ll find PET in action on the shelves of supermarkets around the world — some of its most popular usages include single-use water bottles, juice containers, soft drink bottles, and jars containing products like nut butters, cooking oils and sauces.

Fresh Blueberries In Clear Packaging

Sourcing Food Grade Plastic Containers

While it’s true that sourcing food packaging containers for a bakery, restaurant or other food service industry business requires research and careful consideration, finding the right packaging is vital to keeping your products safe, fresh and appealing to your customers.

As you begin to research the types of food grade plastic containers available to you and weigh your options, you may find yourself overwhelmed at the sheer number of food packaging manufacturers, designs and features. After all, the food packaging manufacturing world is just as vast and creatively rich as the diverse, delicious businesses it serves! Bearing that in mind, it can be helpful to keep a few key considerations in mind as you search for the right packaging to help you separate the duds from the real contenders.

The LINDAR team recommends taking the following steps to ensure you choose the best possible food packaging for your unique specifications and requirements:

  1. Consider your needs. Before starting your search, think about what kind of packaging you need. Will you be selling items individually or in batches? Do you need containers for cakes, pies, pastries or bread? Will you be selling items that have a unique shape, such as a bundt cake or hot cocoa bombs? Knowing the specifics of what you need will make it easier to narrow down your packaging options to the most suitable choices.
  2. Check regulations. You’ll want to be certain that the packaging you choose meets the food safety regulations currently in effect in your area. Double-check the requirements for labeling and packaging as well. Look into which food packaging manufacturers offer FDA-approved food packaging options—LINDAR does!
  3. Consider branding. Your packaging can also serve as a marketing tool. If you’d like to customize your containers with your bakery’s branding to create a cohesive look, a custom thermoformer like LINDAR should be at the top of your list. Depending on the volume of your order, we can add your brand name and/or logo onto most of our food packaging options.
  4. Recyclable. Talk about recyclable materials such as PET
  5. Do a trial run. Before placing a food packaging order, test your top choice to ensure it meets your needs. Pack your goods in the containers and check for any issues, such as leaking or difficulty opening. At LINDAR, we offer food packaging samples through our website for your convenience.

Custom Food Grade Plastic Containers

In today’s ever-evolving food industry, it’s inevitable that some packaging needs will be unmet by the market’s current slate of standard container shapes and capabilities. Can food grade plastic containers be custom-made to suit these unique requirements? Absolutely.

If you find yourself faced with a challenge and require food packaging made specifically to meet those unusual needs—like single-serve bakery packaging that can withstand the rigors of automation and hold a product in place even if turned upside down—you’ll want to partner with a custom thermoforming company like LINDAR.

At LINDAR, we’re experts in custom thermoforming for the food service industry, and we’re dedicated to delivering quality products with quality customer service. The L.I.N.D.A.R. Experience, our proprietary workflow process, ensures your custom food packaging project will be successful and stress-free from start to finish.

The LINDAR team will listen to your requirements and specifications and apply our industry-leading expertise to design and manufacture a custom food grade plastic container that comprehensively meets your food packaging needs. If you can create it in your kitchen, LINDAR can create a custom food container that’s the perfect fit.

Ready to Get Started?

Now that you’ve passed Food Packaging 101 with flying colors, it’s time to take the next step! Contact LINDAR today to tell us more about your food packaging needs, or submit a sample request to try our food grade plastic containers with your products!



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