What Defines The Best Reusable Paint Tray


For professional painters and DIY painters alike, a good paint tray and paint tray liner can make or break the painting experience. But what defines the best reusable paint tray for painters, and how can you make sure you’re selecting the right paint tray for your project? Let’s dive into an exploration of what the best paint trays have in common, as well as an introduction to LINDAR’s Paintwell line of top-quality reusable paint trays and liners.

Lindar Corp Paintwell Paint Tray Liner

What Makes a Good Paint Tray

As you may imagine, the best reusable paint tray is one that can stand up to reuse: Reliable, durable, resistant to solvents, and easy to use. If you’re looking for a good reusable paint tray, you’re likely looking for a plastic paint tray and a matching, disposable plastic paint tray liner in the correct size. Plastic provides the requisite durability and solvent-resistance while maintaining a budget-friendly price point. Plastic paint trays and liners can also be manufactured with certain design features, like ridges or bumps, to ensure smooth, effective paint distribution over your roller. 

LINDAR’s Paintwell painting products line includes 9- and 18-inch reusable plastic paint trays and disposable paint tray liners manufactured via thermoforming, which allows the trays to offer professional-grade qualities like remarkable durability, a light, easy-to-maneuver weight, and uniquely engineered features. We’ve designed the Paintwell line of paint products to be easy and convenient for both professional and DIY use, making them an exceptional choice for any paint seeking the best paint tray.

Key Features of Paintwell Paint Trays

Among the Paintwell paint tray’s engineered features is our Drip Guard, added to prevent paint drips and create a cleaner, more efficient painting process. As your roller passes over our specially-engineered ramp surface, it rolls across a pattern of ridges that allows for superior paint distribution. This ridged pattern is implemented into the design through the thermoforming process, which allows heated plastic to be formed to unique shapes. 

The thermoforming process also contributes to the trays’ lightness and mobility; Paintwell plastic paint trays are sturdy enough to stand up to the rigors of reuse while remaining lightweight enough to move easily across the floor. Less handling of your paint tray results in a faster, less messy painting project overall — a benefit painters told us they desired from their painting products when we surveyed them during development of our Paintwell line.

The Importance of a Good Paint Tray Liner

Of course, even the best paint tray needs an equally great paint tray liner. Paint tray liners not only protect the paint tray from the paint itself, but also make the clean-up process much faster and more convenient. By using disposable plastic paint tray liners, painters can quickly and easily change up their colors, swap out used liners for new ones, and clean up in a snap. These efficiencies help to enhance the overall speed and cleanliness of your painting project, be it a large-scale undertaking or a simple paint job.  

Our Paintwell disposable paint tray liners were designed to fit nearly every paint tray on the market, including our Paintwell 9- and 18-inch plastic paint trays. If you have a paint tray, there’s a Paintwell paint tray liner to fit it! Let’s take a closer look at the unique features of Paintwell paint tray liners to explain why they’re the best paint tray liner for your project.

Unique Features of Paintwell Paint Tray Liners

Paintwell paint tray liners come in a vast variety of sizes to fit a huge range of paint trays, making them exceptionally versatile. The unique pattern thermoformed on the bottom surface of our plastic paint tray liners delivers smooth paint distribution with every roller pass, regardless of whether you’re using a Paintwell paint tray or a paint tray from another top brand. 

Paintwell paint tray liners also provide a “soft” benefit that can’t be engineered into their painter-friendly design: Convenience. LINDAR sells Paintwell paint tray liners in multi-packs, so you can grab-and-go at the hardware or painting store and start your project worry-free. Paintwell multi-packs are also available in person and online at major retailers like Wal-Mart, meaning you’ll never have to shop out of your way to get all the perks Paintwell paint trays and paint tray liners have to offer.

Lindar Corp Paintwell Paint Tray and liner

Why Paintwell is the Best Choice

Sure, we may be biased, but we think there’s plenty of evidence to back up our belief that Paintwell offers the best paint trays and paint tray liners on the market today. Paintwell’s thermoformed plastic paint trays provide the durability, convenience and performance desired by both professional painters and DIY-ers, are readily available in multi-packs, and reduce the time and mess typically associated with painting projects. 

By combining LINDAR’s years of plastics thermoforming experience and industry knowledge with real painters’ feedback, Paintwell’s paint trays and liners are the best choice for reusable painting products that will stand up to any project’s needs. Explore our Paintwell catalog of top-quality paint trays and paint tray liners online today!



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