Sustainable Solutions for Plastic Manufacturing

To do our part in creating a healthy, sustainable future for our planet and its people, LINDAR is committed to practicing ethical, responsible, and professional business standards that meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. We are dedicated to the ongoing alignment of our operations, stewardship, and creative advancements with actionable sustainability efforts for the betterment of our business, our industry, and our planet as a whole.
Sustainability Recycle


Here’s how we do it:


We receive our raw materials in the form of sheets, or rolls of sheets, for use in our thermoforming process.


After the materials have been thermoformed, the excess material is trimmed by CNC robotic routers or in-line die cutters, and granulated into small particles by our dedicated recycling equipment


This ground material is then packaged and returned to our raw material suppliers to be reintroduced into the material stream for future use.

Sustainability Reduce


LINDAR works diligently to implement operational practices that reduce energy usage, waste, and excess material. We regularly review our energy consumption and material surplus to identify areas of improvement and determine solutions for environmental impact reduction throughout our process.

Sustainability Reuse


A core part of LINDAR’s internal sustainability practices is the reuse of materials by returning it to the supplier to be reintroduced back into our material stream. We encourage our team members, industry partners and clients to raise up creative plastic product reuse ideas and methods, from reusable packaging to diverting manufacturing by-products for new applications.
Sustainability Recycle


Recycling is an integrated stage of our manufacturing process aided by our investment in dedicated, on-site plastic recycling equipment. Aided by our suite of inline grinders, conveyors, and regrind cyclones, LINDAR’s annual recycling output will soon exceed 4 million pounds.

Sustainability Rethink


We partner with suppliers like Good Natured Products to source sustainable, efficient alternatives to petroleum-based polymers like plant-based (bio) PLA and bio-PET. By educating and training our team to work with these materials, we further global efforts to replace traditional plastics with green alternatives.

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A Partnership Molded for Good

Aligning our business with like-minded sustainable partners is important to our business in order to go the extra mile in offering 100% recyclable products to our customers. Aligning ourselves with Good Natured Products allows us to offer LINDAR products in other environmentally friendly material options such as compostable PLA or curbside recyclable Bio-PET.