The Benefits of LINDAR’s Thermoformed Medical Packaging


As a custom thermoforming company working across industries to deliver outstanding plastics products for a variety of diverse applications, the LINDAR team has developed an extensive understanding of the medical industry’s needs. Our experience as a medical plastics manufacturer led us to innovate durable, stackable and reusable medical packaging solutions that can reliably withstand the rigorous conditions inherent to equipment fabrication, shipping and storing.

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Guiding Innovation: LINDAR Coil Pack Guidewire Trays and Lids

Our dedication to continual improvement and innovation allows the LINDAR team to fill gaps in the marketplace effectively and solve problems that others cannot. Thermoforming is an especially versatile, customizable mode of manufacturing that can be applied to large-scale, complex or otherwise tricky projects and challenges. 

In this case, a thermoformed solution made perfect sense: Thermoforming allowed the LINDAR team to use materials that could withstand the conditions of medical equipment manufacturing, cleaning and transportation, design a medical tray shape specific to the equipment being handled, and deliver a smooth packaging surface that would not scratch or otherwise damage the equipment.

Driven by our goal of making the lives and work of medical professionals easier, LINDAR leveraged these benefits of thermoformed medical packaging to develop our proprietary coil pack guidewire trays and lids.

The Design & Purpose of LINDAR’s Guidewire Trays and Lids

Our remarkable coil pack trays and lids comprehensively cover and protect guide wires during manufacturing, shipping and storage, keeping them clean, steady, and intact. Our innovative guidewire packaging solutions can store wires or any thin, fragile medical devices, such as tubing or catheters. 

The unique shape of our packaging, designed and engineered in-house, makes the trays stackable for easy storage even in tight spaces and user-friendly for simple, strain-free handling. LINDAR manufactured our coil pack trays and lids with plastic materials that can withstand reuse, making them a convenient and sustainable solution for medical facilities.

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Benefits of Lindar’s Medical Packaging

In addition to the benefits of thermoformed medical packaging already covered above, there are other significant features of LINDAR’s trays that distinguish them in the marketplace. 

Our medical packaging products are made with heavy-duty materials for enhanced durability, yet are lightweight and easy to handle for the convenience of medical professionals. We also designed our medical packaging to save space and reduce freight costs — yet another practical example of how LINDAR keeps the dynamic, application-specific needs of our clientele in mind throughout every stage of the custom thermoforming process. 

Custom Solutions for the Medical Industry

As an experienced custom thermoformer, LINDAR has substantial custom manufacturing capabilities that can be applied to both medical packaging products and medical OEM parts. We are an ISO-certified manufacturer committed to using only the highest-quality medical grade materials that are fire-rated and chemical- and stain-resistant. If you have a plastics product or component need that is not currently met by our existing line of medical guidewire trades and lids, contact us about the possibility of engineering an alternate solution via custom thermoforming.

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Innovative Solutions

LINDAR’s coil pack guide wire medical trays and covers are an innovative solution for containing, organizing and safely transporting medical guide wires, but they’re not the only innovation LINDAR makes. We’re committed to comprehensively serving the needs of medical professionals through our plastic thermoforming capabilities, and we regularly engineer and manufacture custom solutions to do exactly that. Order a sample of our thermoformed medical packaging to assess the quality, durability and efficacy of LINDAR products today!



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