Paintwell by LINDAR: Our Paint Tray Liners vs. Handy Paint Tray Liners


What’s in a name? Plenty! The LINDAR name is synonymous with innovation and quality, and we are so confident in the performance and value of our proprietary paint trays and paint tray liners, we’ve staked our name on it. Paintwell paint trays and liners can go up against all the competing painting supply brands — including Handy Products, a brand frequently pitted against our own — and beat them handily.

Need proof? We’ve got that, too. Check out our quick rundown of the features and benefits that make LINDAR Paintwell the name on every painter’s lips — and supply kits!

Paintwell Paint Tray And Liners Project Pack

All-In-One & Affordable

Whether you’re a professional painter or a DIY’er, you’ll appreciate how LINDAR’s Paintwell 9” Project Pack simplifies your supply run with its all-in-one offering: One durable, solvent-resistant 9” paint tray plus three paint tray liners.

Not only is our 9” Project Pack offered at a more affordable price point than Handy Products’s comparable items, the three-pack of Handy paint tray liners is sold separately from its paint trays. The combined cost of these two Handy Products items far exceeds the cost of LINDAR’s all-in-one Paintwell Project Pack, making LINDAR the superior choice for both cost and convenience.

Expertly Engineered Drip Guard

The Paintwell line of products was created by painters, for painters. Our focus was not just on manufacturing sturdy, reliable products, but on creating a better experience for painters by keeping their needs front of mind. One feature that evolved out of our painter-first philosophy is our expertly-engineered Drip Guard.

You’ll find our Drip Guard in our 9” Project Pack, designed right into our paint tray. LINDAR’s Drip Guard reduces spills, catches overdrips and keeps the workspace clean. It’s just another advantage of LINDAR products over the Handy brand, which does not include a built-in drip guard in its paint trays or liners.

Even Paint Distribution, Every Time

Users of LINDAR’s Paintwell products never have to worry about uneven paint distribution over their rollers. Check out the unique ramp design on our Paintwell paint trays and paint tray liners — the length, depth and quantity of those ridges make up another critical “by painters, for painters’ detail that ensures even paint distribution with every roller stroke. While some Handy users complain about uneven roller loading, Paintwell paint tray liners eliminate that hassle to the benefit of our customers.

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