Wrigley creates thermoformed, squeezable chewing gum dispenser


We love seeing new, innovative ways the thermoforming industry is being utilized, both at LINDAR, and around the world. Take Wrigley for example. The company was founded in 1891, and to this day, it is still known for not only its world-renowned brands of chewing gum and candy, but for being a leader in confection innovation.

Wrigley recently filed a patent for its latest invention, a squeezable chewing gum dispenser made from flexible thermoformed plastic. Find out more about their idea here, in this Confectionery News article.

Just think, chewing gum in a flexible, plastic package without the excess waste of foil and wrappers. This just might catch on, and we have thermoforming (and Wrigley!) to thank for it!



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