Thermoforming with TPO material can replace fiberglass



As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), specializing in thermoforming technology, LINDAR’s parts and components are used across a wide variety of industries, such as agricultural, lawn/garden, construction, industrial, medical, recreational, low-speed vehicles (LSV), and more. (Check out our OEM portfolio here.)

When a customer comes to us with an idea or plan, we often help them choose the best material for the job. This can mean transitioning their project into utilizing a more cost-effective material than they had originally planned.

In some cases, we use heavy-gauge thermoforming to recreate existing fiberglass parts or components into ones made of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) or other similar plastic materials.

Why choose thermoplastic polyolefin over fiberglass? There are several benefits of using precisely developed, vacuum-formed plastic components:
• Price
• Ability to supply with quantities
• Timely delivery
• Consistency in both start-up and lead times
• Superior control over dimensions
• Ability to control color
• Consistency in overall product

Parts and components made with TPO material are designed and developed to deliver superior performance and appearance over their fiberglass counterparts.

Cost, availability, and consistency are the three main reasons we often recommend using thermoforming technology and TPO material rather than fiberglass. Contact us to learn more about heavy-gauge thermoforming, thermoplastic polyolefin or to discuss what type of material would be the most effective for your application.



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