Thermoforming: From design to production


LINDAR specializes in thermoforming plastic products and components—they are excellent replacements for those made with metal or fiberglass. We make everything from food containers and paint trays to custom, heavy-gauge parts and assemblies for equipment and machinery. Our plastic products include a wide variety of components for OEM applications—agricultural, recreational, construction, industrial, lawn/garden, medical components, and more.

LINDAR uses both in-line and cut sheet thermoforming processes to produce the most elaborate products and plastic components to meet your exact design specifications.

  • The in-line process uses thin rolls of plastic to form disposable products including paint trays and food containers.
  • Our cut sheet thermoforming process uses pre-cut, heavy-gauge sheets of plastic with aluminum molds, then incorporates heat, pressure, and/or a vacuum process to produce custom OEM plastic parts.

To learn more about our innovative thermoforming process, contact our production design team. Our thermoforming experts know how to choose the right material for your project and our design consultations determine the most efficient plan to provide you with a final product that looks great and functions even better.



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