What floats your boat? For us, it’s thermoformed ABS.


As thermoforming continues to grow and gain momentum in the world of manufacturing, LINDAR embraces the innovation new products bring to our table.

Take kayaks for example. Until recently, kayaks have typically been produced by rotational molding or lamination methods. Now thermoformed kayaks are gaining in popularity due to their durable, scratch resistant and lightweight nature.

At LINDAR, we have capabilities to thermoform kayaks up to 12 feet long using ABS plastic, a strong, UV resistant material that won’t fade or weaken if left out in the sun.

By using heat and vacuum pressure, thermoforming transforms sheets of plastic into kayak hulls and decks using heavy gauge molds. The kayaks are later seamed together, and the entire process takes just a few minutes. To see how the process works, take a look at the video below by Canoe & Kayak Magazine.

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