PAINTWELL paint trays & liners


Designed with painters in mind.

When the DIY and commercial painting marketplace spoke, LINDAR answered by developing our PAINTWELL paint trays and paint tray liners and releasing them in 2019. Researching the needs of commercial painters and DIYers was key in our product development of PAINTWELL’s variety of painting products.

After discovering what painters needed, we developed PAINTWELL’s 9 and 18 inch paint trays and paint tray liners.

“Our thermoforming design team has the knowledge to customize plastic paint tray liners to fit our customers’ unique needs—whether for commercial painting or DIY,” said Dave Fosse, director of marketing at LINDAR.

What did painters in the marketplace ask for?


1) Painting products that are easy to use and make jobs go faster.

Our 9- and 18-inch paint trays and paint tray liners are designed for smooth roll off—specially engineered to distribute paint smoothly and evenly onto the roller to make DIY or commercial painting go faster and easier. When used together, the paint trays and paint tray liners create better paint coverage and save time.


2) Features to reduce spills.

Both the 9  and 18 inch PAINTWELL paint trays and paint tray liner sizes have a Drip Guard feature added to reduce the chance of spills. The trays and liners are also specially designed to be easier for painters to handle and maneuver around your painting projects.


3) Paint products that are project-oriented.

The paint tray liner installs easily on the tray so painters can quickly change the liner for fast transition to a new color or to an entirely new job. Our Project Pak bundles a paint tray with multiple liners to make painting projects go faster.

The paint trays and paint tray liners are made from recycled RPET material, which is both durable and solvent resistant.

PAINTWELL has incorporated these features in all the paint products we have developed and the ones yet to come. Make a noticeable difference in the outcome of your commercial or DIY painting projects. Request LINDAR’s PAINTWELL products for your next painting project.



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