LINDAR Launches New PAINTWELL Products


LINDAR Corp., a plastic thermoforming company based in Baxter, Minn, recently released PAINTWELL—its new variety of paint trays and paint tray liners designed for painting professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

“The PAINTWELL difference is the innovative, thermoformed design,” said Dave Fosse, director of marketing at LINDAR. “With PAINTWELL trays and liners used together, the paint is evenly distributed over the roller on the tray’s ramp surface, creating better paint coverage and, in the end, saved time.”

PAINTWELL’s professional-grade paint trays and paint tray liners come in 9.5-inch and 18-inch models, and are made from recycled RPET material, which is both durable and solvent resistant. Both tray sizes have a Drip Guard feature to reduce spills, and liners are designed to fit nearly every paint tray on today’s market. The trays and liners are also ergonomically formed to be even easier for painters to handle and maneuver.

“Our thermoforming design team has the knowledge to customize plastic paint tray liners to precisely fit our customers’ unique needs—any shape, any size,” Fosse said.

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Founded in 1993 on the principles of innovation and resourcefulness, LINDAR has grown to become a leader in plastic thermoforming of paint products, food packaging, and commercial products for agricultural, recreational, industrial, and healthcare.



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