LINDAR’s Optica™: Setting the standard for 3D graphics.



Optica™ is our lenticular material with superior qualities for 3D and motion printed graphics and is the most consistent lens material for lenticular printing on the market. This eye-catching, 3D effect enhances labeling for everything from cereal boxes to deli containers, retail displays, and more. A label on a salad package could show a close-up image of each of the salad ingredients and when the package is shifted slightly, a photo of the assembled salad appears—all on one label. Such innovative design graphics are noticed and bring more attention to your products, which help enhance your product sales.

The Optica™ material is made up of an array of lenses that are specially designed so that when viewed from slightly different angles, different images are presented with a 3D depth or motion sensation. It is the highest-quality, 3D and motion graphics available for plastic print applications without needing special glasses—setting the standard to which all other lenticular lens material for labeling, product packaging, and displays will be compared.

Our Optica™ plastic material is manufactured as a joint venture between GSR Partners and LINDAR. The extrusion machinery’s design was completed through an international collaboration creating unmatched lens consistency. The process is maintained and operated by LINDAR—utilizing our advanced, manufacturing knowledge and expertise in our ISO-certified facility.

How it works


To create the Optica™ material, we use our exclusive extrusion and processing technology to expand our manufacturing capabilities. Extrusion of the Optica™ lenses in the plastic sheet creates a parallax, which makes an object’s appearance change when seen from different positions and provides vivid 3D-graphic and/or motion graphic images.

After the Optica™ lenses are extruded into the rolls of plastic, the rolls can be cut to specific sheet sizes and the images are printed directly onto the flat side of the material—causing the lenses to “pop” with 3D graphics, morphing graphics, flip graphics, and many frames of motion graphics. Our material is 133 lines per inch (LPI) and 8.5 mil material thickness. Once the image is printed onto the Optica™ material, it gives even more realistic graphics. The material is available either in roll stock or sheets that are cut to size, depending on the job specifications. With LINDAR working with preferred printing partners, our attention to detail is the key to achieving superior, final results for our customers.

The new material offers:

  • Superior batch-to-batch consistency
  • Improved value over conventional lenticular
  • Sheets and rolls available for Offset, Flexo, and all Digital formats
  • Support for 3D graphics interlacing, prepress, and printing

The superiority of Optica™, combined with the quality control of LINDAR’s process, provides a breakthrough in plastic extrusion technology and once again positions LINDAR as an industry leader. Our range of thermoforming services is designed to meet the needs of our customers within the markets they serve.



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