LINDAR’s 3D motion graphics labeling made its debut at IDDBA


The International Dairy-Deli-Bake Association’s (IDDBA) Seminar and Expo is the largest in the world for the retail food industry, attracting more than 9,000 attendees to this year’s event in Houston. We always look forward to attending and exhibiting and, as always, the event didn’t disappoint.

Buyers, merchandisers, and executives from convenience stores, club stores, single-location stores, and large international store groups came together to cultivate relationships, new business, fresh ideas, and concepts.

“This convention is a highly focused networking opportunity and a chance to build relationships,” said Dave Fosse, LINDAR’s director of marketing. “Our three-day schedule included great presentations with many insights into the changes and trends in the industry.”

LINDAR displayed new products in the exhibit hall, including 3D motion graphics on food labels and displays.

“The way the 3D images on the 7.5-foot posters appeared to move was especially eye-catching,” Dave said. “This effect can be used to enhance labeling for everything from cereal boxes, fresh bakery packages, sandwiches, and package adhesive labels, to retail displays, and more.”

The innovative motion graphics on labels or displays are eye-catching, bringing more attention to the products they are promoting. For example, salad packaging could show a close-up image of the ingredients, as well as a photo of the final assembled salad, all on one label.


“We also displayed LINDAR’S Simply Secure™ tamper-obvious food containers at the expo,” said Dave. “These clear plastic containers are available in two-piece and hinged varieties, with tabs that snap into place to secure the product while in stores.”

Through innovative design, continual process improvement, and impressive customer service, LINDAR helps our customers so their products look good, are secure and fresh, and sell even better.

For more information about LINDAR’s OPTICA™ 3D motion graphics material and how it can be used to bring attention to your labeling and displays, visit OPTICA 3D.

To see LINDAR’s entire line of Simply Secure™ tamper obvious containers, visit Simply Secure.



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