Innovations in automation production.



As LINDAR implements technology, automation, and engineering solutions in continual improvement of our plastic thermoforming process, automation remains a key component of our production of SimplySecure, PAINTWELL, and more.

We are proud to have a new roll-fed line with additional automation incorporated into the production line—one of four in the world. This new model has automated stacking on the back end to run faster speeds and the capability of packing more products off the line.

Stacking is an ideal task for automation. We will need team members for programming and managing the technology to facilitate the process.

For example, each item being produced has its own recipe—programmed when the machine is set up for production—that factors in oven heat, thickness of material, etc. The recipe is adjusted during the process according to the temperature of the plant, humidity, and related factors.

The new roll-fed production line will be used to produce and pack paint trays, food packaging, and commercial OEM products.

Using automation, the product at the end is stacked according to the number of stacks or columns that need to be boxed—for example, four columns of 75 pieces each. The machine can be set up to deliver the exact number needed for each box on the conveyor belt. The person working the end of the line then puts the columns of product into boxes, which are closed and taped before going onto the pallet.

Founded in 1993 on the principles of innovation and resourcefulness, LINDAR has grown to become a leader in plastic thermoforming of paint products, food packaging, and commercial products for agricultural, recreational, industrial, and healthcare. We’re AIB certified and ISO 9001:2015 certified, which show our commitment to delivering consistent quality and value to our customers. Forming Inspiration is vital for our customers, team, product development, and continual improvement at LINDAR.



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