High-tech 3D Laser Probe Improves Measurements and Quality Control


LINDAR’s New FARO Edge 7 with Laser Line Probe HD

LINDAR Corporation is well known as a leading manufacturer of thermoformed plastic paint products, food packaging, and industrial components. As a leader in our industry, we are committed to acquiring the latest technologies to increase our customers’ confidence in the quality of our measurements and products.

As a result, we recently added the FARO Edge 7 axis with a nine-foot arm and a Laser Line Probe HD. The FARO Edge 7 is the first laser probe technology at LINDAR.

The FARO Edge 7 laser probe technology provides high-precision 3D measurement and compares parts and compound structures for quality control and production. Applications include component inspection, production planning, and documenting in 3D. faro-edge-big-190x300-4843567

In addition to reducing the inspection time for quality control personnel by 40% and the improved repeatability of inspection, the FARO Edge laser probe eliminates the need to contract outside inspection services.

No prints or missing geo CAD files? No problem! If parts lack prints or broken components have no CAD geo files, the FARO Edge 7 also allows reverse engineering. Accuracy in measurements is another benefit.

Other abilities provided by this new equipment include:
• Accurately verifying that tooling and parts meet specifications
• Accurately trouble-shooting tooling issues
• Assistance in food-packaging design by scanning product to be packaged and overlaying with package design.

LINDAR Corporation’s new FARO Edge 7 equipment is one more way we bring innovation and technology together for our customers.



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