Family-focused: Vision, values, and company culture.



At LINDAR, we are committed to following our company’s vision and values. As a manufacturer specializing in plastic thermoforming, we work with hundreds of industries worldwide, but it all starts with our company culture. Our cohesive team is more like a family—bonded through the shared values of integrity, teamwork, effective leadership, and opportunity—while still being committed to forming inspiration and an exciting atmosphere where we enjoy working.

“Over the years, we have had a motivated, capable team driving the business forward,” said Tom Haglin, owner and CEO of LINDAR Corp. “It was the continual striving for excellence from our entire team that led to our shared growth and success.”

LINDAR’s values begin with the foundation of integrity—interacting with respect and dignity toward all individuals and carried out with honest communication and accountability.

Our teamwork as a plastic thermoforming manufacturer is evident in the ways we support one another and work together to build and foster the partnerships and connections we have made withequipment-lindar-19-blur-1109425

the community, customers, vendors, and our own team members. Continuing to meet the expectations of both our internal and external customers ensures the teamwork and future strength of our organization.

“We look forward as a team to the challenges and opportunities each day brings,” said Dave Fosse. “And our leaders also know the importance of involving the input of each team member so we can all thrive and take ownership in an atmosphere of open communication.”

Our focus on our values and forming inspiration has proven effective and gratifying—LINDAR was awarded the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) 2019 Thermoformer of the Year. Being continually aware of the needs of our team members and customers enables us to maintain positive relationships and continued growth for everyone.



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