Introducing 3-row containers that take the (pound) cake


Recently, a national retail chain requested an expanded pound cake container from our customer, a large bakery processor that makes and packages sliced pound cakes and other baked goods. They needed a three-row sliced pound cake container for a special seasonal promotion, and they needed it fast.

Typically, pound cake containers are two rows, fitting two rectangular loaves of sliced cake. For this custom order, we created a three-row package complete with an innovative incline on the bottom to display the cakes better than ever before.

Even for this custom, new-to-the-market container, we were able to design, produce and deliver our product to meet the needs, and tight deadline, of our customer. It was six weeks from when the prototypes were approved to when we were shipping the three-row pound cake containers.

Through innovative design, efficient production methods and impressive customer service, LINDAR helps our customers — and their products — look good and perform even better. To learn more about our plastic food packaging options, click here. Or contact us to discuss your product’s customized needs.



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