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Paintwell Paint Trays & Liners

When the DIY and commercial painting marketplace spoke, LINDAR listened. We developed our proprietary PAINTWELL paint trays and liners to meet the needs of real painters like you. Our thermoformed trays and liners are uniquely designed for smooth roll-off, better coverage, fewer spills, and quicker project completion. Shop our inventory now to experience the PAINTWELL difference on your next commercial or DIY painting project.

Paintwell paint tray with paint roller
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Cookies in Lindar simply secure food packaging
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Simply Secure Food Packaging

In the fast-paced, ever-evolving food service industry, it’s important to have tamper-evident packaging you can trust. LINDAR’s Simply Secure Tamper Obvious Packaging was designed to preserve both your products and your peace of mind. Snap the unique plastic tabs into place to secure your product, then tear along the perforation to open the packaging. With a built-in freshness seal and visually pleasing aesthetics, Simply Secure packaging is the innovative and consumer-friendly solution to product freshness and safety concerns.

Medical Guidewire Trays & Lids

From our production floor to your hospital or clinic, LINDAR is dedicated to ensuring the safety and quality of our medical products every step of the way. As an ISO-certified production facility, LINDAR uses top-of-the-line medical-grade materials to thermoform and assemble medical equipment components including doors, covers and surrounds in addition to custom thermoformed medical packaging. Our clients trust us to thermoform custom OEM medical components that are as strikingly aesthetic as they are expertly made.
Doctor holding Lindar guide wire tray

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