Thermoforming Made Easy

Customized Thermoformed Plastic Products

For over 90 years, manufacturers have used custom plastic thermoforming to make plastic components, parts, and containers of all shapes and sizes. Thermoforming is a process that applies heat, pressure, and/or vacuum to form both thin and heavy gauge plastics to customized molds. From custom packaging to paint trays and specialized parts for the agricultural, medical, and industrial manufacturing industries, LINDAR’s thermoforming processes provide a high-quality, flexible solution to all your custom plastic needs.

Thin Gauge Thermoforming

Thin gauge thermoforming is a precise manufacturing process utilized by LINDAR for producing lightweight, high-quality plastic products. This method of thermoforming is ideal for parts ranging from 0.0008 to 0.080 inches in thickness, such as packaging and disposable products. Thin gauge thermoforming offers cost-effectiveness, versatility in design, and the ability to produce large volumes rapidly. Many thermoformed materials are recyclable, aligning with the increasing emphasis on sustainability and environmental considerations.

Common thin gauge materials include but are not limited to:

  • PET
  • Post Consumer PET
  • PLA
  • PS
  • PE
Thin Gauge Thermoforming
Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

Heavy gauge thermoforming is a specialized process LINDAR uses similar to thin gauge thermoforming but involves thicker thermoplastic sheets, typically ranging from 0.080 inches (2.032 mm) and above. Heavy gauge thermoforming provides customers with a cost-effective and versatile solution for producing large, durable, and intricately designed products. Its value lies in its ability to create sturdy components with reduced tooling costs and a shorter production cycle compared to alternative manufacturing processes.

Common heavy gauge materials include but are not limited to:

  • ABS
  • PE
  • TPO
  • TPU
  • HIPS
  • PETG
  • PC

Thermoformed Products

Discover a custom solution to your manufacturing needs with LINDAR’s thermoforming expertise. LINDAR prides itself on the ability to create versatile and custom solutions across a broad range of industries, creating products from FDA-approved containers for the food industry to medical-grade plastic products and durable parts for agricultural machinery. LINDAR’s team of thermoforming experts is equipped to handle projects of any scale, offering tailored solutions that meet the needs of each client. Whether it’s a small batch of specialized parts or large-scale production runs, LINDAR’s comprehensive capabilities ensure high-quality, precision-thermoformed products that meet the most rigid industry standards.

Thermoformed FDA Food Packaging

In today’s ultra-competitive food service industry, restaurants, retailers, and manufacturers must offer the peak of both safety and visual appeal to entice consumers. At LINDAR, we won’t settle for anything less than FDA-approved food packaging solutions that exceed our rigorous standards of safety, freshness, and aesthetic enhancement for your products. From our own line of Simply Secure Tamper Obvious Packaging to top-quality custom food packaging containers developed through the thermoforming process specifically for your unique products and displays, you can trust the experience and expertise of the LINDAR team with your packaging needs.

Cookies in Lindar simply secure food packaging
A stack of clear plastic containers with red strawberries inside

Thermoformed Containers Include:

Bakery Containers

Deli Containers

Herb Containers

Produce Clamshells

Utility Containers

Thermoformed Agricultural Equipment Parts Include:

Cab Roof Tops

Cab Doors

Hood Assemblies


Dash Panels

Fuel Tank Covers

Thermoformed Agricultural Equipment Parts

You need your agricultural equipment to be tough from the inside out. LINDAR knows that strong equipment starts with quality components made from the highest quality plastics. When you trust the experienced LINDAR team to create your OEM plastic components, you can trust that your agricultural equipment parts will weather even the harshest working conditions and effortlessly stand the test of time.

A line of several blue and red tractors
Red tractor out in field

Thermoformed Medical Components

LINDAR is an ISO-certified facility experienced in medical plastics manufacturing. We proudly thermoform and assemble medical-grade equipment components including doors, covers, and surrounds, and custom thermoformed medical packaging. Our custom OEM medical components are as aesthetically pleasing as they are rigorously tested for safety and quality. You can rest assured knowing that LINDAR uses only top-of-the-line medical grade materials that are fire-rated and stain- and chemical- resistant.

Doctor holding Lindar guide wire tray
CT scanning machine in medical room

Thermoformed Medical Components include:

Waste Bin Liners

Coil Pack Trays & Lids

Sink Basins

Doors (Interior & Exterior)

Base Panels

Side Panels

Thermoformed Recreational Vehicle Parts Include:

Door Panels




Quarter Panels

Dash Panels

Thermoformed Offroad and Recreational Vehicle Parts

To ensure your recreational vehicle can play hard, the LINDAR team works even harder. LINDAR’s extensive experience designing and custom thermoforming recreational vehicle components has earned us the trust of many industry leaders. Our top-quality custom OEM industrial equipment components are aesthetic, durable, and tough enough to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. With fade-resistant UV-protected materials made to your exact color and finish specifications, you can expect nothing but the best from LINDAR.

Red snowmobile with black underside
Offroad ATV driving through mud

Thermoformed Lawn and Garden Equipment Parts:

Your lawn and garden equipment needs sturdy, reliable plastic components that stand up to the rigors of outdoor work. With our years of experience as a custom OEM plastic products manufacturer, LINDAR is the solution you’ve been looking for. We use state-of-the-art custom thermoforming technology and UV-protected, high-impact rated materials to keep your residential and commercial lawn and garden equipment looking and performing its best.

Large red riding lawn mower
Small red riding lawn mower

Thermoformed Lawn and Garden Equipment Parts Include:

Cab Roof Tops

Cab Doors

Hood Assemblies


Dash Panels

Fuel Tank Covers

Thermoformed Construction and Industrial Equipment Parts Include:

Cab Roof Tops

Cab Doors

Hood Assemblies


Fuel Tank Covers

Wiper Motor Shields

Thermoformed Construction and Industrial Equipment Parts

When it comes to developing construction and industrial equipment parts, durability is key. Using high-impact plastics that are resistant to heat, vibration, scratching, and marring, LINDAR’s thermoformed construction and industrial equipment components can hold up under even the toughest jobsite conditions. Our materials are UV guarded and insulated for sound and heat deflection for further protection of both your equipment and your operators.

Skid loader clean up dirt
Yellow excavator moving dirt