SIMPLY SECURE food containers—for safety and freshness.

From our beginnings in 1993, LINDAR has been dedicated to quality, safety, innovation, and continued growth in the plastic thermoforming industry. We specialize in designing and producing food packaging with styles to improve product safety and freshness.

With today’s ever-increasing demand for curbside food pickup, takeout, and delivery—and with our extensive background in food packaging—our tamper-obvious, SIMPLY SECURE food containers are ideal for food pickup and delivery. The clear packaging is chef-designed to be both functional and attractive. When food orders are delivered to you in our tamper-obvious packaging, they arrive freshly and safely.

SIMPLY SECURE food containers also comply with coronavirus food delivery and pickup guidelines for the MN Department of Health, as well as other states—for the use of packaging that is safe, clean, and sealed against tampering.

Our SIMPLY SECURE packaging ranges from baked goods to deli and produce packaging, as well as cake and pie containers. Special tabs on the hinged or two-piece containers snap into place to secure packaged products. To open a SIMPLY SECURE container, the perforated tabs are torn off, which makes it easy to see if the package has been compromised.

LINDAR has many stock, food-packaging options, but we also specialize in custom food packaging. Tell us about your specific food container needs and we’ll assist you in forming inspiration to develop safe, secure packaging that your customers will ask for and appreciate.

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