LINDAR Quality


Employee working with care

At LINDAR, we are dedicated to achieving excellence by providing high-quality, thermoform-manufactured, plastic products to our customers. Our well-trained and technically advanced employees are bonded through our shared values of integrity, teamwork, effective leadership, and opportunity. This allows us all to stay focused on quality as we fulfill our customers’ thermoforming needs.

Our quality policy confirms that utilizing our Business Management System allows us to continuously improve our processes to meet or exceed customer expectations for quality, cost, and delivery. Whether it’s a small, specialty order or a high-volume production, a first-time or a repeat customer, the quality is the same.

What does this commitment to quality mean?

  • Customers receive the right part or product the first time and every time.

Our dedication to quality means we focus on meeting the expectations and the thermoforming needs of our customers every day. We’re accountable, flexible, and our customer service is second to none. Contact us to learn more:



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