Simply Secure – Tamper Obvious Containers

It’s fresh and safe.

It’s obvious LINDAR is committed to innovation. Take our line of Simply Secure Tamper Obvious Packaging, for example. We pioneered the development of tamper obvious two-piece pie and cake containers, bringing an intuitive design and easy-to-handle package to the marketplace.

Available in the two-piece and hinged varieties, LINDAR’S Simply Secure Tamper Obvious Packaging has special tabs that snap into place to secure the product while in stores. To open the package, the perforated tabs can be simply torn off, making it user friendly, while easily identifiable if the container has been opened.

Our line of food packaging is designed to safely display bakery products including cakes, pies, brownies, cookies and cupcakes as well as produce and deli items. Like our other containers, LINDAR’s packaging includes a built-in freshness seal and visually appealing design to show off your products in a safe, fresh and secure way.