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Simply Secure Tamper Obvious Packaging: The Obvious Choice for Thermoformed Food Packaging

LINDAR’s proprietary line of Simply Secure Tamper Obvious Packaging is the obvious choice for customer-friendly food packaging containers that are as safe as it is aesthetically pleasing. LINDAR pioneered the development of innovative, tamper obvious two-piece pie and cake containers, and has since expanded our line of easy-to-handle, secure food packaging to include brownie, cookie, cupcake, produce, and deli containers.

Cupcake container with four raspberry cupcakes

Food Service Professionals & Customers Alike Trust Simply Secure!

LINDAR’s Simply Secure Tamper Obvious Packaging was designed to be both secure and user-friendly. To open Simply Secure Tamper Obvious Packaging, just tear off the unique tab closures. If the tabs have already been removed, customers can be 100% certain that someone has gotten to their baked goods or deli products before them!

We know that consumers eat with their eyes first, which is why all our thermoformed food packaging containers include a built-in freshness seal and visually appealing design — so you can showcase your products in a fresh, attractive, and secure way.


Tamper Obvious Design


Unique Tab Closures


Built-In Freshness Seal


Visually Appealing Design


Available In Two-Piece & Hinged

Red strawberries in Lindar food packaging

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