Simply Secure now includes 8-inch cake and 9-inch pie containers


LINDAR’s Simply Secure tamper obvious packaging continues to expand in order to meet market needs. Most recently, we’ve added 9-inch pie containers and 8-inch plastic cake containers with varying dome heights to our line of Simply Secure bakery containers.

Plastic cake containers are available for 7- or 8-inch diameter cakes, with single or double-layer height options, while pie containers can hold 8-inch or 9-inch diameter pies. Both pie and plastic cake containers come in hinged or two-piece varieties, and feature a built-in freshness seal and visually appealing design, so products can be displayed in a safe, fresh and secure way.

LINDAR’s Simply Secure tamper obvious containers have special tabs that snap into place to secure the product while in stores. To open the package, the perforated tabs can be simply torn off, making it user friendly, while easily identifiable if the container has been opened.

LINDAR pioneered the development of tamper obvious two-piece pie and cake containers, bringing the intuitive design and easy-to-handle bakery boxes to the marketplace last year.

To see LINDAR’s entire line of Simply Secure tamper obvious containers, including four-count mini cupcake packages, large cupcake and muffin packages, and small to-go style containers, click here.



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