Paintwell Paint Trays & Paint Tray Liners at Walmart


It’s true: DIY-ers and commercial painters across the nation can now pick up Paintwell products with their weekly shopping! The LINDAR team is excited to announce that Paintwell Project Packs, featuring one paint tray and three liners, are now available at Walmart, the world’s largest retailer. We’re thrilled to partner with Walmart to make our Paintwell line easily accessible online and in select store locations for painters seeking top-quality painting products.

What is Paintwell?

Paintwell, LINDAR’s proprietary line of thermoformed plastic paint trays and plastic paint tray liners, are the result of over 30 years of experience supplying paint products to major players in the industry. Our patented commercial-grade, solvent-resistant paint trays and paint tray liners are designed and molded by thermoforming experts to meet the performance needs of both do-it-yourself painters and professionals. Look for our newly rebranded and trademarked logo on convenient Paintwell Project Packs at Walmart in store and online!


Paint Trays & Paint Tray Liners Designed with DIY’ers in Mind

Our Paintwell line of products was specifically designed to make painting projects easier, streamlined and mess-free for painters of all skill levels. Paintwell paint tray with blue paint in tray

Whether you choose our 18-inch paint tray or our 9-inch paint tray, both feature our unique Drip Guard feature to reduce spills and dripping. The expert-engineered ramp surface of Paintwell paint trays ensure even paint distribution over your roller. Our innovative thermoforming process makes Paintwell plastic paint trays sturdy enough to stand up to reuse yet easy to move across the floor, helping to make your painting projects cleaner and more efficient!

Paintwell blue paint tray for angled trayConvenience comes standard with every Paintwell product. LINDAR also offers disposable paint tray liners to fit nearly every paint tray on the market today—so no matter what tray you’re working with, a LINDAR tray liner will work for you! Our plastic paint tray liners feature a unique pattern on the bottom surface to aid in effortlessly smooth paint distribution.

To learn more about LINDAR’s Paintwell line and other paint products, view our paint product catalog online by visiting the resource tab on our website.



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