Packaging that protects — Even the thinnest of products


The Straight Pack is customizable, with multiple configurations to hold the product, and nine size options to choose from — from 16.5” to 76.5”. Each tray also comes with a clear plastic lid designed to keep what’s inside protected and clean.

Similarly, Coil Pack medical packaging is ideal for guidewires or other thin, medical devices that are coilable. LINDAR keeps these 16.68-inch square trays with lids in stock to meet your quick turnaround needs. The compact design makes stacking, storage and shipping easy.

LINDAR’s plastic medical trays are designed to keep guidewires clean and protected while they’re being shipped or stored. The containers come in two types, Straight Pack and Coil Pack trays.

When it comes to plastic products, LINDAR can thermoform just about anything. From food containers you see every time you stroll through the local grocery store to heavy gauge components for trucks and lawn maintenance equipment, even packaging for products you may use, but never see, like guidewire trays for ultra-thin devices like guidewires.

As the name suggests, the Straight Pack medical trays keep devices straight and secure, avoiding any kinks or twists that could defect the device.



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