LINDAR OPTICA™ 3D featured in Plastics Technology magazine



Plastics Technology magazine recently published an article about OPTICA™ 3D, LINDAR’s new joint venture with GSR, in which we produce the most consistent lenticular lens material on the market—which means we can produce 3D and motion graphics without special glasses. This sets a standard to which all other lenticular lens material for labeling, product packaging, and displays will be compared.

Under the brand name OPTICA 3D, we use GSR extrusion and processing technology to expand our manufacturing capabilities. These additional capabilities fit well with our thermoforming expertise in our paint products, food packaging, and heavy gauge (OEM) parts. Read the Plastics Technology article and visit for more information.

At LINDAR, we offer a diverse range of thermoforming services designed to not only meet the needs of our customers, but form inspiration along the way.



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