LINDAR’s new four-station rotary thermoforming machine.


LINDAR recently installed a new MAAC four-station rotary thermoformer. MAAC thermoformers are known for being technically advanced and leading edge heavy gauge thermoforming equipment.

Because a four-station rotary thermoformer can produce 2.8 times the throughput of standard shuttle machines, this investment allows us to be competitive, while also being more sustainable with reduced and better-utilized energy usage to produce more parts. This machine, combined with the new robotic trim cells, will dramatically increase our throughput.

The state-of-the-art, cut-sheet machine is well designed for our custom-formed parts, which is one of our main commercial lines. The four stations of our 4′ x 6′ machine are the load, heat/oven, form, cool/unload, which are a common configuration with large-part forming. The parts we produce on this equipment are for our commercial segment—engine hoods, cab covers, fenders, and many other heavy-gauge parts.

This rotary thermoformer has the heaviest-duty frame, fastest dry cycle speeds, and the control to handle our process—surpassing the production rates of similar types of machines. The motor-driven platens are fast and precise, and feature hot, accurate ovens. The controls are top-of-the line and exceed expectations to meet the performance demands of process engineers and plant managers.

What really sets our newest thermoformer apart is its separate load station that auto-loads, which is a benefit when thin sheets are needed and cycle times are very fast. This eliminates the need for an operator to constantly be present loading and unloading.

Another benefit of the autoloader is when using thick, substantially heavy, larger-sized sheets, addressing an ergonomic issue for operators who won’t need to drag or lift the sheet into the load station. It also prevents needing two people to load the sheet due to its size and weight.

Our investment in the new technology and improved capacity of the MAAC four-station rotary thermoformer is another example of how we are increasing the value and offering continual improvement for our customers. LINDAR is committed to technology, automation, and engineering solutions as we continue forming inspiration.



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