Our Core Values Bond in Forming Inspiration


At LINDAR, our core values and our dedication to forming inspiration go hand-in-hand.


We always embrace our creativity to develop products, problem-solve, and build our LINDAR team through initiative to be the premier, world-class, plastic thermoformer. Forming Inspiration is the basis of our team’s initiative in all that we accomplish.


Integrity has been our unwavering touchstone since our beginnings in 1993. We interact with respect and excellence toward all and have earned our vendors’ and customers’ respect through fair, consistent communication and accountability. Forming Inspiration thrives on our foundation of integrity.


Our teamwork is revealed through our multiple ties—with our community, customers, vendors, and our team members. These ongoing connections help to further our sustainable success. Forming Inspiration is woven throughout our teamwork and alliances.


We look forward to connecting with our colleagues and teams—we support one another. We know that with everyone working together we can genuinely make change within the plastic thermoformer industry and beyond and foster global knowledge with all our connections. Forming Inspiration is at the heart of all of our relationships.



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