New Continuous Improvement Manager


New Continuous Improvement Manager at LINDAR



Continuous improvement is a key element of our ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification and it receives additional emphasis at LINDAR. The scope of our ISO 9001:2015 certification encompasses all of our products including food packaging, paint products, product development, engineered heavy gauge parts for our OEM markets, medical components, and OPTICA lenticular materials.

“James Whirley has been promoted to our position of Continuous Improvement Manager to keep the momentum going full steam ahead in all of our areas of certification,” said Dave Fosse, LINDAR’s director of marketing. “He has years of experience with LINDAR and his ‘can do’ attitude has been key in developing positive change in our thermoforming processes.”

Throughout our various cross department teams—such as SIMPLY SECURE food containers, PAINTWELL paint trays and paint tray liner products, OEM components, and others—James’ contributions will help to identify and establish processes that will improve product development across all of LINDAR’s thermoformed product lines. He will help deliver improved part qualities, and manage cost avoidance and internal process control.

“James is a vital part of our team,” said Fosse. “Along with our entire staff, we will continue to work together in forming inspiration.”

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