Elements of Clean Packaging for Fresh Foods Defined



For food retailers and the food packaging industry, package design is a necessary step in a successful clean package. (See the four elements of clean packaging below.) Consumers continue to express their opinions by buying products that are in clean packaging, and we’re happy to share the “secret sauce” to good, clean packaging design that consumers, and retailers, will love.

Through our more than 25 years of food-packaging experience, we have learned the four essential elements of clean packaging: simple branding, sustainable materials, food safety, and space utilization.

Simple Branding

Clear and simple is key to getting the attention of the consumer. The packaging should clearly show the consumer what the product is and the brand behind the product.

Sustainable Materials

Use materials that are sustainable and enhance the product appearance and quality. This is a thoughtful part of your brand. At LINDAR our food packaging containers can be made from various plastics, including RPET, PCRPET, PETE, or PLA —whichever will best work for your application and use requirements.

Food Safety

Clean packaging is a critical component for overall food safety of fresh food products. Graphics and package closures are a successful part of food safety. LINDAR’s Simply Secure packaging is complete with a built-in freshness seal, stackable design, and tamper obvious safety closure. Our bakery, produce, and deli containers will show your product in a visually appealing, fresh, and secure way.

Space Utilization

This element is often overlooked, but space utilization is critical to having a clean package—regardless of how short or how long the supply chain is for a product. The package needs to not only protect the product, but utilize space during shipping and on store shelves as well. With LINDAR’s Simply Secure hinged and two-piece containers, you can ensure your goods are protected—during shipping, in stores, and beyond.

Clean packaging will continue to help accelerate sales of fresh foods for years to come. LINDAR has long been a pioneer of clean packaging for national food retailers and national fresh food brands. To learn more about our clean packaging options, contact us today!



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