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Green Manufacturing

Making less equals more

LINDAR uses a green approach to manufacturing, meaning we choose manufacturing processes, materials and supplies that lessen the environmental impact. Whether it’s using renewable sources, less energy, or cutting waste, LINDAR takes extra steps to ensure manufacturing sustainability.

For example, we offer a wide variety of materials for our customers to choose from, including Ingeo PLA. Known as the next generation of environmentally responsible plastic, Ingeo PLA is a natural plastic made from 100% annually renewable resources. Not only is it more environmentally friendly to manufacture than traditional petroleum-based plastics, Ingeo PLA has excellent stiffness, strength and clarity. Learn more about Our Materials.

From material selection and design to tooling and production, we work hard at green manufacturing every day. We monitor our operations and processes to reduce pollution and waste, and we recycle or reuse what was considered waste whenever possible. This not only helps the environment, it helps our efficiency, and our customers’ bottom line.

Contact us to schedule a design consultation where we can help find the right material, design and manufacturing process to suit your product’s needs.