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Single Serve Cupcakes Staked
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00017 – Traditional Single Serve Cupcake/Muffin Container
1 pallet MOQ (60 cases) freight included


When ordering please reference Code: IDDBA17

00020 – Large Single Serve Cupcake/Muffin Container
1 pallet MOQ (32 cases) freight included


When ordering please reference Code: IDDBA20

Experience the Future of Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

Revolutionize your food product packaging and contribute to a greener future for the dairy, deli, and bakery industries. LINDAR’s FDA-approved thermoformed food packaging will give your products enticing visual appeal plus exceptional product protection, freshness, and shelf life. Our top-quality, sustainable materials offer outstanding product visibility and packaging durability for aesthetics that don’t compromise on quality or performance.

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Custom Food Packaging at LINDAR

Innovative designs. Superior sustainability. Outstanding performance.

Using our proven, collaborative design and manufacturing process that ensures total customer satisfaction, the LINDAR team can create custom food packaging tailored specifically to your products’ requirements. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities for your products and experience our innovative packaging solutions firsthand!


Sustainability Rethink

Sustainable Materials

LINDAR sources sustainable, efficient alternatives to petroleum-based polymers like plant-based (bio) PLA and bio-PET for use in our award-winning eco-friendly food packaging.

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Expansize Product Line

We’re experts in engineering and manufacturing food packaging solutions of all shapes, sizes and performance requirements, from multi-serving bakery containers to durable produce and deli containers.

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Built-In Benefits

Consumers eat with their eyes first. All LINDAR custom thermoformed food packaging prioritizes visually appealing designs and includes built-in freshness seals.

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Value-Add Services

We’re driven to add value at every stage of your project, from rigorous quality control to ensure your design will withstand automation, transportation and cold storage to labeling your containers to meet USDA requirements.


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