Automation advancements in thermoforming

We continue to automate within our plastic thermoforming facility, we’re proud of our latest piece of equipment in our automation arsenal—a new dual-arm robotic router trim station. The robotic router is designed to trim more parts per hour and improving the safety of our operators. Automated routing applications,  focused [...]

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What floats your boat? For us, it’s thermoformed ABS.

As thermoforming continues to grow and gain momentum in the world of manufacturing, LINDAR embraces the innovation new products bring to our table. Take kayaks for example. Until recently, kayaks have typically been produced by rotational molding or lamination methods. Now thermoformed kayaks are gaining in popularity due to [...]

Food packaging that makes cents!

At LINDAR, we recognize it takes more than a discounted up-front cost on food packaging in order for you to save in the long run. We look at the full life cycle of the package — from production, case layout and pallet utilization to product protection and retail merchandising [...]

LINDAR’s tamper obvious package wins thermoforming competition

LINDAR Corporation, a leading manufacturer of plastic food containers, recently received a Gold Award for its Simply Secure two-piece packages from the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE). The award was presented during the SPE Thermoforming Division’s annual conference in Schaumburg, Ill. Awards were given in 11 categories, and LINDAR’s [...]

Plastics recycling discussed at Global Plastic Summit

Recycling was a hot topic at the recent Global Plastic Summit, which took place shortly after California’s ban on plastic bags was signed into law. Officials at the summit cited data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that shows plastic shopping bags make up only 0.4 percent of waste [...]

Thermoforming innovation

Thermoforming is everywhere — maybe even in the palm of your hand. Look closely at your cell phone case. What is it made of? In their desire to create protective cell phone cases using eco-friendly materials, one company invented ultra-durable cases by thermoforming plastic and covering it with Kevlar, [...]

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Thermoforming abounds in the medical industry

Next time you’re in a doctor’s office, take a closer look at the medical equipment around you. More than likely, it was developed using some sort of thermoforming application. From MRI and blood analysis machines, to CT and PET scan equipment, thermoformers like LINDAR create custom covers, shrouds and [...]