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Project Description

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Clear Take-Out Packaging Keeps Things Fresh

LINDAR’s take-out containers and are designed to not only enhance the look of your  items, but the built-in Freshness Seal and tamper obvious packaging keep them fresh longer as well.

Our experienced in-house design team is always working to come up with new ways to engineer our deli food containers and bakery packaging for optimum performance, from improving shipping efficiencies, to increasing durability for stacking and merchandising purposes. Design consultations are available to help determine your specific deli food container needs.

With clear food containers available in various materials, LINDAR’s deli packaging solutions include salad containers, meat containers, two-piece sandwich containers, specialty containers, and tamper obvious deli packaging. Click for LINDAR Food containers.

LINDAR’s clear take-out containers are designed to perform on automated equipment from de-nesting to closing and labeling. Your product will also be protected with unique product-holding features and showcased with custom labeling and UPC codes.

We specialize in being accountable and flexible to meet our customers’ needs.

And our strategic difference means LINDAR’s customer service is second to none. Contact us today for a deli packaging sample or design consultation!

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Material Options

Virgin PET with high clarity offers excellent stiffness and strength for product protection. It is FDA accepted for food packaging. APET also has excellent recyclability, with a 100% trim scrap recovery.

RPET is environmentally responsible material with 25%-100% post-consumer or post-industrial content. It has very good clarity, strength, purity and formability. RPET is excellent for recycled-content packaging. It’s an economical option, with excellent supply infrastructure. RPET also has excellent recyclability, with a 100% trim scrap recovery.

good naturedTM bioplastic is made from annually renewable plant-based sources, making it an environmentally friendly, cost effective bakery packaging solution.

Bar or brownie containers made with biodegradable good naturedTM are stackable, clear, and so strong they can be reused by consumers.

It is good natured‘s mission to create healthier, safer and stronger communities by fundamentally changing the way plastics are made. Learn more about LINDAR’s commitment to sustainability.

Container Options

Bakery packaging or deli packaging for cookies or sub sandwiches with our freshness seal.Bakery packaging or produce packaging for loaf cake or herbs or salad with our freshness seal.Brownie containerBrownie containerBakery packaging for loaf cake or pound cake with our freshness seal.
Bakery packaging or deli packaging for cookies or sub sandwiches with our freshness seal.Produce packaging for herbs or flowers or dried mushrooms with our freshness seal and hanging tab.	Deli packaging for sandwiches or salads with our freshness seal.cupcake containerBrownie container
Bakery containers with freshness seal.Brownie containerDeli packaging for sandwiches or salads with our freshness seal.Single serve packaging for bakery or deli or produce products with our SIMPLY SECURE feature.Bakery packaging for rolls or cookies or muffins with our SIMPLY SECURE and freshness seal.