Single Serve Cupcake, Muffin & Roll Packaging 2017-01-20T15:27:55+00:00

Project Description

Enhanced display and protection

The first to produce single serve cupcake and muffin containers, LINDAR is an industry leader in food packaging. Designed with your product sales in mind, our single serve cupcake, muffin and roll containers feature a one of a kind multi plane trim, keeping your product the focal point of every container.

Available in both traditional and large sizes, LINDAR’s containers are clear and durable, providing superior product protection and stackability. Made from recycled and renewable materials, our one-piece package solution is purposefully designed to be strong — and smart.

With a built in Freshness Seal, unique product holding fingers, custom labeling and tamper evident opportunities, LINDAR’s single serve cupcake, muffin and roll containers are both innovative and convenient.

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