Project Description

Keep Guidewires Clean and Protected

LINDAR’s Straight Pack and Coil Pack medical trays keep devices clean, protected and organized for easy storage and access. The stackable design is secure and prevents cascading in storage and shipping.

Our Straight Pack containers are available in heavy duty clear PETG for durability or white styrene for less strenuous use. Straight Pack medical trays are customizable with nine lengths to choose from and each section of the tray can also be designed with or without grooves to best fit your medical packaging needs.

Similarly, our Coil Pack containers are made from heavy-duty white HIPS with a clear PETG cover, ideal for thin, coilable components or assemblies. Purposefully engineered to be compact and stackable, these containers are designed to save space and freight costs. Coil Pack medical trays are kept in stock to meet your quick turnaround needs.

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Coil Pack Tray Base