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Consumer Products

We’ve got you covered

LINDAR manufactures paint trays, paint tray liners and wallpaper water trays to fit nearly every application.

Paint(Landing Page)Whether customizing our existing molds by imprinting your logo or utilizing our innovative manufacturing process to design and create your own mold, we’ll find a way to fit your specific product requirements.

LINDAR’s paint trays and liners as well as our wallpaper trays and liners can be made from a broad range of material options including:

HIPS, RPET or other selected plastic materials Black, clear, green tint & custom colors available


We'll keep you rolling Our reusable roller trays are durable and solvent resistant. With various sizes and colors available, LINDAR’s thermoformed paint roller trays are made from reliable, recyclable materials, [...]


Any shape, Any size, we've got you covered From professional-grade disposable paint tray liners to disposable liners for do-it-yourselfers, LINDAR has liners for nearly every paint tray on the market today. Make it your [...]


Endless possibilities LINDAR’s reusable wallpaper and border water trays are durable and tip resistant. With various sizes and textures available, our thermoformed trays are made from reliable, recyclable materials. LINDAR’s innovative thermoforming process makes [...]