Our Vision

LINDAR will continue to be a growth oriented and profitable organization with well-trained and technically advanced employees. We are committed to creating a fun and exciting atmosphere where our team members enjoy working. By providing a safe and people-oriented workplace, we will be an employer-of-choice in the community; one who provides multiple opportunities for personal development and the pursuit of personal goals.

LINDAR is committed to achieving excellence in thermoform manufacturing and as a community member. We are a cohesive team of individuals bonded together through the following shared values:


Integrity is the foundation of our organization. We interact with respect and dignity toward all individuals. We are loyal to our internal and external customers and have earned their respect through honest communication and accountability that is both fair and consistent.

Our success is made possible through the partnerships that we have built with the community, customers, vendors and our internal team members. We are supportive of one another and work together to facilitate change and foster global knowledge of our customers and organization.

We enter into each workday with enthusiasm for what the day will bring. Our leaders seek the input and involvement of all team members to create an environment that thrives on open communication and progress. Our team members take ownership in all assigned tasks and demand accountability at all levels.

Continued attention to meeting the expectations of both internal and external customers ensures the future strength of our organization. We encourage and provide opportunities for the expansion of knowledge and enhancement of the skills of all team members. Our awareness of the needs of our team members and customers enables us to maintain positive relationships and continued growth for everyone.