Our Process

LINDAR has entered into a joint venture with Jade Photech, developer of the state-of-the-art plastic extrusion equipment used to deliver  Optica material extrusion. The Photons in the Optica material are controlled by the numerous optical Microcells to provide consistent optical profiles for the 3D motion graphics when printed. The machine’s custom design also allows  for a sustainable plastic available for 2D and 3D motion graphics with the capability of up to 80% post-industrial regrind.

This precise capability is key for motion graphic quality as well as the repeatability of the extrusion of the substrate.  With unequaled consistency of our Micro Optical Material material this will make available flexographic printing for 3D motion graphics, providing very high-resolution print quality, guaranteeing consistency across the entire width of the plastic sheet (from 8–30 gauge).

An example of how precise the registration must be: