Eye-Catching 3D Motion Graphic Labels, Packaging, and Displays with LINDAR

Labeling, product packaging, and displays have changed forever. Imagine a 3D motion graphics label that shifts from one photo to another as a customer passes by. For example, salad packaging could show a close-up image of the ingredients, as well as a photo of the final assembled salad, on one label. Such innovative design graphics are noticed and bring more attention to your product. This effect can be used to enhance labeling for everything from cereal boxes to retail displays and more.

Optica™ material has been commercialized through our “Can Do” attitude at LINDAR now has specifically designed extrusion equipment to extrude lenticular lens into premium Optica™. Here’s how it works:

Step One

Optica™ lenticular lens extrusion of the optical lenses in the plastic sheet creates a parallax—making an object’s appearance change when seen from different positions. This provides vivid 3D motion graphics images without glasses. The closer and tighter the lenses, the more realistic the final product once the image is printed directly onto the flat side of the lenticular lenses.

Step Two

Once the lenses have been extruded—which can be utilized in roll stock or sheets that are cut to size—the images are printed directly onto the Optica™. This causes the image to “pop” with 3D graphics, morphing graphics, flip graphics, and up to 24 frames of motion graphics being viewed through the lens.

Step Three

The superiority of Optica™, combined with the quality control of LINDAR’s extrusion process, changes the game in lenticular lens extrusion, 3D motion graphics technology, and printing technology. Providing this breakthrough in plastic extrusion technology once again positions LINDAR as an industry leader.