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Food packaging that makes cents!

At LINDAR, we recognize it takes more than a discounted up-front cost on food packaging in order for you to save in the long run. We look at the full life cycle of the package — from production, case layout and pallet utilization to product protection and retail merchandising [...]

LINDAR’s tamper obvious package wins thermoforming competition

LINDAR Corporation, a leading manufacturer of plastic food containers, recently received a Gold Award for its Simply Secure two-piece packages from the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE). The award was presented during the SPE Thermoforming Division’s annual conference in Schaumburg, Ill. Awards were given in 11 categories, and LINDAR’s [...]

Plastics recycling discussed at Global Plastic Summit

Recycling was a hot topic at the recent Global Plastic Summit, which took place shortly after California’s ban on plastic bags was signed into law. Officials at the summit cited data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that shows plastic shopping bags make up only 0.4 percent of waste [...]

Thermoforming innovation

Thermoforming is everywhere — maybe even in the palm of your hand. Look closely at your cell phone case. What is it made of? In their desire to create protective cell phone cases using eco-friendly materials, one company invented ultra-durable cases by thermoforming plastic and covering it with Kevlar, [...]

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LINDAR expands OEM manufacturing capabilities

BAXTER, MINN. — LINDAR Corporation, a leading manufacturer of thermoformed OEM parts for equipment, machinery and vehicles of all types and sizes, has expanded its Baxter, Minn., facility and its OEM manufacturing capabilities. LINDAR recently completed a 33,000-square-foot building expansion, in part to house a new MAAC three station [...]

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Thermoforming abounds in the medical industry

Next time you’re in a doctor’s office, take a closer look at the medical equipment around you. More than likely, it was developed using some sort of thermoforming application. From MRI and blood analysis machines, to CT and PET scan equipment, thermoformers like LINDAR create custom covers, shrouds and [...]

What exactly is thermoforming anyway?

Thermoforming is a cost-effective manufacturing process LINDAR uses to shape and form the plastic we use to make everything from food containers and paint trays to OEM parts for equipment and machinery. Here’s how it works: A plastic sheet is heated in an oven to a high-enough temperature that it [...]

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Clear packaging reaches canned good market

At LINDAR, we know the importance of packaging food in a way that enhances the look of the product inside. We use crystal clear plastic designed specifically to show off the goods, all while keeping it fresh and protecting it during shipping and display. We believe transparency is the [...]

Wrigley creates thermoformed, squeezable chewing gum dispenser

We love seeing new, innovative ways the thermoforming industry is being utilized, both at LINDAR, and around the world. Take Wrigley for example. The company was founded in 1891, and to this day, it is still known for not only its world-renowned brands of chewing gum and candy, but [...]

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Will edible food packaging catch on? We’re not so sure.

At LINDAR, we take environmental responsibility seriously. We offer recycled plastic materials as an option in many of our products, and have reduced waste in our manufacturing processes to one-tenth of what it was three years ago. Still, we’re always looking for new ways to improve all aspects of [...]

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